The Nordics marketing automation sophistication index 2018

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While marketers in the Nordics – Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark– are playing catch up with those in the UK when it comes to marketing automation (MA), this late adoption has allowed them to learn from the mistakes of others and they are more satisfied with the technology.

Some two-thirds of businesses in the Nordics have adopted MA in the past two years, and 85% of those who've adopted MA have seen revenue increase.

The report, published in association with B2BMarketing, explores the current trends in MA and will show you:

  • The levels of expertise of marketers in the Nordics.
  • Where the biggest implementation issues lie.
  • Whether MA has lived up to expectations.
  • The benefits businesses have been able to drive through MA adoption.
  • How far behind Nordic companies are compared their UK counterparts – and what they need to do to catch up.

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